19 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Afternoon guys,

I’ve been so rubbish at doing my weekly updates but I promise going forward I will do them every week! So today I am 19 weeks pregnant, how the hell has that gone by that quickly!!!!

Currently wishing for snow as this heat wave is slowly melting me into my sofa….. I mean I’m not asking for much, just a little snow… or really cold day… PLEASE!

We have just got back from France and I will do a holiday pregnancy style blog tomorrow and pop the links to things I wore away on there but below I will pop some things I have in my basket that I want to get, I have to say I don’t buy much maternity things as if you buy the right thing and size it should fit over bump and then you get to wear it post baby too.

How many weeks pregnant : 19 weeks today

Scan: We had our gender scan at 16 weeks + 3 days, we had a 4d scan which we’d never had before!

How I’m feeling : I’m feeling good, tired with the heat but better than I’ve felt for a while. I had a scary moment the other week were I had to go into hospital due to a bad head have which ended up being a very traumatic 24 hours. They thought I may have had a blood clot in my head due to my blood being thicker and wanted to do a brain scan which could have harmed baby, it was one of the worst days of my life but luckily we both came away ok and I pray that headache doesn’t come back any time soon! I have been getting really intense pain in my legs, the only way I can describe it is that there’s too much blood in my legs and they feel like they are going to explode. So I have to lie down and that’s the only way it eases it. Pregnancy is fun hey?

Bump size: Been feeling so massive and even started waddling! But today hump feels smaller I’m not sure why?

Maternity clothes : Living in dresses and play suits, I’ll link some of my favourites below.

Stretch marks : lots on my belly but they don’t upset me like they did when I was younger, I wouldn’t be having a beautiful baby if I didn’t have them. But I have been applying my epoch body butter everyday which is making them not get any worse.

Baby names: Now we actually know it’s a girl, We’re finding names really hard. So honestly we have none at the moment.

Vitamins : Taking Pregnycare tablets everyday with omega 3

Sickness : No sickness, but very tired a lot and still the odd headache but not the intense one o had before.

Skin: My skin has been great, it’s been the best my skin has been during pregnancy. I’ve found previously that my makeup doesn’t sit on my face, it’s dry and get lots of breakouts but it’s been so amazing and I have my Lumi spa to thank for that. I use it every day without fail and it’s changed my skincare life! You can click HERE if you’d like to get yourself one with 25% off.

Sleeping : Just not sleeping much at all, it’s so hot and I wake up all night!

Missing anything: Sleep!

Food cravings: Haven’t really had many cravings, if I’m honest my appetite has gone a bit, I have to make myself eat but I’d happily not as I’m just not that hungry.

Moods: I think my mood has been good the last week still have my moments when I’m tired, definitely think 4th time round is much harder!



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