20 Week Pregnancy Update

Evening everyone,

I can’t believe I’m already half way!! We’re has the time gone?!

This week has been so crazy, so much has happened and lots of things going on, we got to have our 20 week scan this week which was so special. I hope you enjoy today’s post guys…

How many weeks pregnant : 21 weeks today

Scan: This week was our 20 week scan, I have to say I was a little apprehensive going to this scan, I hadn’t felt any kicks at all and got myself into a bit of a panic but everything was amazing and baby girl was all happy in there. My placenta is really at the front which apparently can soften the feels of the kicks so that explains that. It was also great to get a second conformation she was still a little girl … I’m not going to lie it did go through my mind ‘Imagine if I went and they said no actually it’s a boy!’ . I was a bit emotional actually when I arrived, I’ve done this so many times before but always had Tom with me so I felt a little upset he wasn’t there but that all went away when I saw her 🥰 I also got to see my consultant who has looked after me through each of my pregnancy’s, if you’ve followed me for a while you may know I was born with condition were I have no muscle over my stomach so pregnancy has always been a bit tricky but I’ve always got to around 38 weeks which is all we wanted. So it was really great to see him and I always feel safe when I talk to him…. I did apologise when he walked through the door that I was putting him though this again, but I promised him I’ll be more relaxed 4th time round…. He replied … I’ll hold you to that one 🙈

How I’m feeling : If I’m honest I haven’t felt the best this week, I’ve felt a bit down and not in the best of moods. I’m going to start taking iron supplements as that is slightly low so hoping that will help me feel a little better.

Bump size: Definitely grown this week and her head is quite low so I’m feeling the weight this week for sure! 4th pregnancy’s are definitely a bit harder earlier on.

Maternity clothes : Still living in dresses but really looking forward to autumn style 🍁

Nursery Plan : So now we’ve got past our 20 week scan and 2 people have confirmed she is a little girl I’m going to really start planning the nursery. We are changing lots of rooms around but baby girl will be having our dress room. I’m thinking lots of panelling, pretty wallpaper and chunky white nursery furniture. I’m am very excited about this nursery!!

Here’s my inspo I found on Pinterest that I love….

Baby Names : still have absolutely no idea!!!

Sickness : I’ve started to get a bit of sickness at night this week I’m not sure why!

Skin: Had a few breakouts this week but haven’t been consistent with my Lumi so I’m back using it twice a day and my skin is clearing again!

Sleeping : Still no good nights sleep!!

Missing anything: A glass of wine, my boys have been FULL ON THIS WEEK!

Baby Clothes: I have started to buy a few bits, I think because I’ve wanted a girl for so long now it’s real I’m being so fussy with what I buy. T literally has to be perfect for me to get it!

Life : Life is definitely full on with all the busy at home, but tennis camp has saved me this week, they go back to school next week which they really need but I’m also nervous about this too. This year has been so crazy I am looking forward to a routine!

Looking forward to: Starting the nursery!!



Lots of love

Gracie xo


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