26 week Pregnancy update

How many weeks pregnant : 26 WEEKS 5 DAYS

Catching up : I feel like so much has happened in the last few weeks, the days are rolling into one and this pregnancy is flying by. It’s definitely been a stressful few weeks with a few trips to triage but the main thing is that baby girl is all happy in there and that is the most important thing. I had reduced movements about 3 weeks ago and also had a slight bleed, so I called triage just to check things over. They listened to baby’s heart beat which eased my worries and I felt her move literally about 5 minutes after going into the room with the midwife.

I then stupidly fell down the stairs on Saturday morning, I was carrying Georgie and slipped and in making sure he was ok I really hurt myself. It shook me to my core and knocked me for a few days but I’m feeling much more myself now. I went to triage yesterday morning as I hadn’t felt her move since Sunday morning and I was getting some pains. I had passed the 26 mark so I they could put me on the machine to monitor baby heart beat and after 10 minutes they said she is absolutely fine in there. I can’t tell you the relief that came over me, I woke up that morning crying just thinking the worst and Tom was the same we just didn’t feel right, I felt so guilty that I’d fallen, my body was in so much pain and I just couldn’t get over the feeling of panic that something had happened. But thankfully everything was ok and baby girl is all ok in there. I think I have just hurt myself more than anything but after resting the past few days I’m definitley feeling better and I think the worry was making me feel worse. So its not been the easiest few weeks but I’m just so happy that everything is ok!!

How I’m feeling : Grateful and thankful

Bump size: getting much bigger now and feels very low, I’m carrying so much more at the front this time. 4th time bump is so much bigger!

Maternity clothes : I haven’t bought any maternity clothes recently but I have been living in ribbed leggings and hoodies! Early school runs are so much easier when your comfy and warm.

Nursery Progress : Still haven’t made a start, but in the process of getting things organised.

Baby Names : We have decided on a name we love!! I’m still not 100% but I think it may be her name, I really feel like I need to see her first though!

Sickness/ headaches: no sickness or headaches at all which I’m very happy about!

Skin: My skin started to feel a little sensitive a few weeks ago so I have now swapped my Lumi spa cleanser to the sensitive one and my skin hasn’t felt sensitive at all since and I’ve had no breakouts or dryness, which normally at this point in pregnancy I have. I honestly couldn’t live without my Lumi Spa! If you’d like to view the offers I have on at the moment you can click HERE.

Sleeping : getting up to wee A LOT and still having broken sleep, when morning comes I’m actually excited!

Missing anything: Nothing at the moment.

Baby Clothes: I’ve not bought anything the last few weeks, I don’t know why but I with everything going on I was just worrying so didn’t buy anything.

Life : We are getting into the routine of being back at school, I have also started to organise my whole house after watching the home edit on Netflix. So I’m currently working my way through throwing away so much rubbish we have kept for no reason one the years. I can’t wait for the day when I’ve actually sorted every room.


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