28 weeks pregnant update

Afternoon everyone,

Just a little catch up today from 26 to 28 weeks.

How many weeks pregnant : 28 weeks and 1 day

How I’m feeling : Feeling much better this week, I’ve been a little bit emotional but apart from that I have felt good.

Bump size: growing a lot! I feel like I’m already the size I was at full term with Frank!

Maternity clothes : I did cave and buy a pair of maternity jeans. The weather changed slightly and I just needed a skinny pair of everyday jeans to be able to throw on. I will link a round up of all my favourite looks below.

Nursery Progress : zero progress…really need to get started.

Baby Names : I said last week we had thought of her name but I’m suddenly unsure if I still love it, think its going to be long decision!

Sickness: no sickness this week, only once after drinking a cup of tea, I used to love tea at night but not so much at the moment.

Skin: Skin is amazing this week, I’ve been really on it with my skincare and its definitely paying off.

Cravings: if your following me on instagram you’ll know I may be slightly addicted to orange chocolate! especially the Terrys chocolate orange white pieces!!

aches or pains: stomach has been slightly uncomfortable this week, she’s definitley had growth spurt in there as there doesn’t seem to be much room!

Baby movements: She moved the most she has ever moved last night, I’m also noticing she moves a lot after I’ve eaten chocolate at night so maybe it really is her craving the orange chocolate!!

Sleeping : Just not sleeping at all, I’m going to get a bb hug me pillow this week because I feel like I need to just treat myself!!

Missing anything: sleep!

Baby Clothes: I bought the cutest little 2 piece from Sainsbury’s this week, but I haven’t bought anything else.

Life : Life has been a little slower this week, I’ve still been busy but we’ve gone for nice family walks after school which has been really lovely.


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