3-4 month Baby routine

Good afternoon guys and Happy New year!


The New year has definitely made me think about routine a lot and I feel like the madness of christmas has made me want to get a bit of order back in my life. Since Georgie arrived he has fitted in to our daily life and I haven’t been strict at all about his feeds or sleep time I’ve just been following what he wants to do and its worked so far.

With all the boys though at about this stage ( 3 months) I have established a routine. Ive always done them the same and I find it has always helped the boys create a sense of calm as they know whats happening at what time. Frankie went into his own room at 4 months and slept 12 hours every night, Charlie went in his own room at around 6 months and would sleep well but wake once in the night, not for a feed he’d always go back to sleep when he saw me.

Im not ready at all to put Georgie in his own room as I think I’ve been the worst this time around at holding him and keeping him near me all of the time, although thats been amazing for us it has made him rather clingy and he cries a lot when I leave the room. He can be fast asleep, I go downstairs and without fail he’s awake, crying.

Frankie and Charlie get into bed at half 7 every night but Georgie has stayed with us in the living room until we go to bed and then he’s next to me in his snuzpod when I sleep.

So I just thought today seemed like a good time to start a routine as I feel like we all need a bit of routine in our lives.

By routine I don’t mean I’m going to stick to the times and things exactly as every day is different but these are the things I’m going to be introducing everyday.


7-8am -FEED

My alarm goes off every morning at quarter past 7 so I can feed Georgie and then get up to get the boys ready for school. So I normally give Georgie his first breastfeed of the day between 7 and 8, its normally about half 7.

8-9am – PLAYTIME

Through the week this is the time I will getting the boys ready for school so Georgie can have some Daddy cuddle time or he can go in his sleepyhead with his toy arch on. He absolutely loves the black and white figures and talks to them for ages.

9am – NAP

This will be his morning nap time, as I’m breastfeeding I might just put him on the breast for 5 minutes just to fill him up a bit so he can have a good sleep. The key with a routine is to do things the same every day so they start to know right its nap time now or play time and so on. So every morning for his nap ill use his zip up sleep suit and put him in his snuzpod and leave the room, with the curtains closed and lights off.  I will then leave him to sleep for as long as he wants.

10.30-11am – FEED

If he’s still asleep from his nap ill wake him and breastFeed him.

11.15am – PLAYTIME

After his feed I’ll put him in his play mat so he can have a kick around. We did this today and he had a good 30 minutes in there without crying an loved it.

12pm – NAP TIME

This is the time I’ll let him sleep the longest in the day. Because his last breastfeed was and hour and a half ago I may top him up a little with another 5 minute breastfeed just so he gets a fuller belly to sleep on. Again I’ll put him in his sleep suit and put him in his snuzpod in a dark room. Im going to get a little lullaby player for him this week as I had one with the other boys and it always helped get them to sleep. I used the Aden and Anais serenity star for the boys and LOVED it but lost it the week we got married in Italy so I’m on the hunt for another one, but sadly it looks like they’ve stopped making them.

2pm – FEED



If he’s not slept that long at his lunch time nap ill let him have a nap at this time so he can make it to his bedtime without sleeping again.

5pm -FEED

Breastfeed at 5. This was the rule I stuck to the most with all my boys. I never let them sleep from 5 until bedtime. I always found if they slept at this time I was in for a bad night. I haven’t done this with Georgie yet but from today there will be no sleeping from 5-7 every day.


This was another thing I did religiously with all the boys. Bath and bedtime routine at the  same time every night. Having three boys this is always a busy time so I make sure in the day I’ve got everything layed out ready for bath time like pyjamas, nappies and creams.

7pm – BED TIME

This will be his bedtime everynight. He’s normally in the living room with us till now but I’m going to start putting him in his snuzpod at 7 everynight and see if he’ll start going down to sleep. He usually sleeps at this time in the living room so its just the being on his own that we’ve got to master. I’ve always put them to bed whilst their still a little bit awake too. I find this really helped them get themselves to sleep on their own instead of depending on being held to go to sleep. I need to go and buy a baby monitor today so I can still see him when he’s up there as I think I’ll find it harder than him.

9.30 – EXPRESS

I have started introducing Georgie to a bottle of formula for his last feed of the day. I didn’t want to do it at all but with all the worry over his weigh it just made sense to top him up at the end of the day. Plus my milk is always not as good at this time of night. So my body doesn’t think I’ve dropped a feed I express a little bit before I feed him so my milk supply stays up.


This is the time we normally go to bed so if he’s still asleep I’ll dreamfeed him a bottle of formula at this time. Ive been giving him the Aptamil First Infant Milk from Birth – 6 Months. Its suitable for combine feeding so that makes me feel better.

Georgie has been waking between 2 and 3 in the morning the last two weeks so if he wakes I Breastfeed him and he usually goes back to sleep until the morning.

So thats my routine were going to be doing guys, I hope you found something useful in here and if you have anything to ask please leave me a comment below.

Ive made a timetable of everything just incase anyone wanted to screenshot it to keep on their phones. Please remember that a routine is just a guide line for you to follow and help get some order to your day. But somedays it just won’t happen and some days it will so don’t be to hard on yourself and just do your thing.

Have  a great day everyone.













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