31 week update

Hey guys,

31 weeks pregnant …..oh my days were is the time going!!

Sorry it’s been a long time in between posting my pregnancy updates. Everything’s been a bit crazy at home and I’ve tried to have some time away from my phone.

Annoyingly I have another water infection, I went to the doctors yesterday as  everything just felt really painful, I was waking up in the night with such bad back pain ( worse than normal) and I just had a feeling it was a water infection as I was feeling really run down and just unwell. You can go to your doctors surgery now and they will take a ruin sample without an appointment and call you if theres anything wrong. SO much easier as I always miss that annoying window in the morning were you have to call the doctors to get in! So I’m on another corse of antibiotics in a month ….fab!

Im feeling a lot more achieved this week. Ive finally cleared out the nursery and sorted a lot of things out in the house. I still have a few things I want to get done before baby comes but I’m a lot further along than the last time I wrote.

I have my 31 week update with my midwife next Tuesday with is actually my first midwife appointment would you believe! It so hard finding a midwife when your hospital your having the baby in is not in the district of were you live. Don’t ask me why!

Its half Term at the moment and wow its hard work entertaining the boys all day whilst being this big, every time I bend down to get something I make a nouse like I can’t breathe and they look at me like I’m mad! So they now pick everything up for me from the floor when I ask just so I don’t sound like a gorilla.


How many weeks pregnant :

31 weeks

Size of Baby:

Winter Squash!

How I’m feeling :

Apart from the water infection I’m feeling ok. Ive been a little low this week but I think its just due to the fact I’ve not left the house much with the kids. Getting out the house really helps my mental state but its so hard taking them both out on my own in this heat when you have no energy.


Midwife appointment next tuesday and my scan to check baby at the end of this month to see if I can be induced at 36 weeks.

Baby Shower plans:

Im so excited that I’m having a baby shower this time, I’ve never had one before so it will be extra special this time around. Ive booked a beautiful venue were I live and 13 of my closest girls ar coming next saturday. Ive order the most beautiful cake and my local flower store has kindly gifted me some beauty flowers. very excited to document the day and share it with you all.

Movement :

He’s still gong crazy in there and makes me jump all the time! Frankie put his hand on my belly last night and he kicked him so hard it was so cute. Frankie couldn’t believe how hard his hand moved.

Bump size:

about the size of a small house!

Stretch marks:

Lots of stretch  marks but I’ve kind of gotten over it now. The wierdest thing is is that I’ve got the on my boobs with I’ve never had before! I’m hoping they will go as they are so red at the minute. I’ve been using the Palmers Cocoa stretch mark cream and it’s so lovely to use.


Lots of weird pains this week but I think its to do with my water infection.

Maternity fashion:

Still living my life in dresses. Just can’t put a pair of jeans on at all.

Favourite sleepwear:

I bought a lovely pair of pyjamas from next this week and I’ve lived in them. They are non maternity but I got a size M and thy fit perfectly. They are the pjs I’m earring in the image above. I can’t seem to find them online to link but I bought mine in store.

Sleeping :

I don’t get it I’m so tired all day but when it comes to sleeping at night I just can’t sleep.

Missing anything:


Nursery update:

Im really happy with the progress of the nursery this week. I’ve bought a few things already and I’ve also decided to paint the dalmation spots I wanted on wall instead of buying wallpaper as it was about 350 to do a tiny wall! We also bought som lovely blinds from Dunelm and they are such great quality for the price.

Things to do: Finish the nursery, pack my hospital bag and buy some more abby clothes…. so a lot!







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