Afternoon guys,

I hope your all having a lovely day. So I’m into my 34th week of being pregnant and lets just say this hasn’t been the easiest of weeks. Im in a lot of pain most of the time and sleep just isn’t happening at all at the minute. But we are all getting very excited for baby boy to be here. I’ve nearly finished his nursery and I can’t wait to show it to you all. I just have a few little things to buy and I need to put some shelves up.

The weather has definitely cooled down a bit but I still refuse to wear jeans. I wore them once yesterday and couldn’t wait to get them off. I’ve lived in matenity jeans in both my other pregancys but this time around I think being bigger everything just feels tighter.

We had our scan on wednesday to check how big baby was so the Doctor knew when he could induce me safely. The boys came with us to the scan and they thought it was amazing seeing their baby brother in my tummy. The lady was listening to one part of the scan and the boys thought he was talking to them and are now telling everyone he sounds like Pacman. We had a bit of a scary moment when the lady said she needed a second opinion as baby was measuring quite a bit bigger than he was meant to. Cut along story short his tummy is a lot bigger on the chart than it should be and they think I may be diabetic. They actually thought this with Charlie too. He’s already 6 pounds 2 ounces so they have put me on sugar diet which is sooooo hard but if I eat any more sugar his arms could get bigger and then he could find it hard to get out so we definitely do not want that happening……I’m not going to lie to you all though I did slip up and have a ripple chocolate bar last night and it was beautiful.

So the doctor did give me a date to go in to be induced and were are going in on the………

20th of September at 4pm!! So baby boy could be here the 21st or 22nd of Septemeber!

Ive been having a lot of pains the last 24 hours…… so I’m thinking of calling triage so fingers crossed I’m not going into labour!

How many weeks pregnant :

34 weeks

Size of Baby:


How I’m feeling :

Very tired a lot of the time and just can’t really do anything at the minute.


Had a scan this week but couldn’t get a picture of him as he was too squished in there.


Ive given in to the stretch marks now and just realised I’m going to have loads this time around. I have none on my sides just loads on my belly. I even have them on my boobs which I’ve never had before.

Movement :

Baby moves like crazy all the time and it really quite painful when he does. he is awake most of th night too which looks great for when he’s here….. hopefully he won’t be up all night then.

Bump size:

Very big but very low down. Felling very tight and doesn’t feel like there is much fluid at all in there. It s also very hard all the time.

Favourite maternity Jeans:

Sleeping :

not sleeping at all at the moment….and getting really hot at night.

Missing anything:

Feeling like a normal person, and being able to do things without being in pain or getting really our of breath.

Things to buy:

I have a lot still to buy!! Heres my list-

Car seat ( can’t decide which one to buy)





Baby grows

Baby bag essentials for me (click HERE to see what I’m putting in my bag)

Moses basket

Side sleeper


My Maternity Fashion:

Heres some of my outfits since the last tie i wrote, ill tag everything underneath each image.




SHIRT sold out similar HERE// DRESS sold out similar HERE //SANDALS













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