36 weeks pregnant

Afternoon guys,

So I’ve made it to 9 months pregnant!!

This last week has been the hardest yet definitely, just because he’s so big now and he’s also dropped so much so feeling a lot of pressure all the time. But we don’t have long to go now and I have an overwhelming feeling  that I’m running out of time to do things. Why when were having a baby do we add so much to our plate to make everything perfect when really all your little baby needs is love and maybe a lot of nappies!

So I’m trying to stop stressing myself out now with things I need to do and just relax. Ive pretty much done everything now, the nursery is done, the pram is up, my hospital bag is packed, my snuzpod is on the way……. but I haven’t bought  car seat yet wich is really important so need to get one asap!

Its strange that we now sit with the boys at night an talk about baby being here next week…….even though I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever its come around so quickly. The boys are so excited to finally have him her.

So im 36 weeks pregnant today and will only have one more milestone week next week at 37 before we meet him………wish me luck.

How many weeks pregnant :

36 weeks

Size of Baby:


How I’m feeling :

Feeling really excited to finally meet our boy but also very anxious about the labour part. I will be induced next thursday at 4pm and its almost worse knowing a day because you know the exact time your going to be in pain from. Im just praying everything goes smoothly and he’s not too big to get out.

Movement :

Baby has moved so low down that when he moves I can’t tell you how painful it is. I just have to sit there heavy breathing with my eyes closed until he stops. Paracetamol does help the pain slightly and also a hot water bottle. Those are my only two things that help but it still hurts a lot.

Bump size:

Feels like my bump has shrunk slightly as he’s dropped so much. but when I look at my tummy from the side I’m like wow……so maybe not!

Sleeping :

sleep just isn’t really happening for me at the moment, I’m awake most of the night but get a few hours here and there. Im always so happy to see daylight……. I know its your bodys way of preparing you for baby but its so frustrating!

Missing anything:

Being able to kiss and cuddle the boys properly and not be such a moaning old lady!

Things to buy:

Car seat , Steriliser

Breast or bottle thoughts:

I am going to take no bottles with me to the hospital as I really want to breast feed, but if its too much and isn’t right for me I will be bottle feeding. Im just going to take each day as it comes and listen to my body….nobody else. And I’m NOT ashamed to say that.

My Maternity Fashion:

Ive had to go back to wearing dresses even though I tried to wear leggings and jeans for a few days, but as he’s dropped so low I just can’t have the strap around my stomach.Im mostly living in my zara dress that are linked in my last post and shop my style page.


I have finally finished the nursery and it looks so beautiful. I was hoping to get a rug but I’m not worrying about that anymore as I still have time when baby here to do things. Ill be doing a post reveal very soon I promise.

Hospital bag:

Packed my bag and babys bag finally, I will be writing a post all about what I bought tomorrow.


If you haven’t checked out this beautiful maternity wear store yet then you really must. The quality of their pieces is honestly beautiful and they make you feel special even when your not feeling great.

Here I’m wearing the Freida dress which is linked below in the shop the look section.

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Looking Forward to the most:

Having all my boys together for the first time 💙



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