37 Week update

So here I am at 37 weeks pregnant, and in my last week of carrying my baby girl.

These past few weeks have been a bit testing and really worrying if I’m honest, its been really hard especially as Tom has been back at work so I have had to be at home with the boys a lot on my own, lots of hospital trips but obviously without Tom and on my own as he has to have the boys when I go, which has been a little hard with the things that have been happening, just having someone next to you makes you feel better doesn’t it? But saying all of that we are nearly there and as-long as she arrives healthy and ok then thats all that matters.

So let me catch you up….

I can’t remember were I was up to on my last pregnancy update but I will start from my my last consultant appointment I had last month. I am under a specialist consultant and have always been with all of my pregnancies, I was born with a condition that meant all my organs were in the umbilical cord, this meant I had to have a lot off operations as a baby and has left me with lots of scarring and also no muscle over my stomach. When I fell pregnant with Frankie I found Dr Bullen (who is still my consultant) in a private hospital as he was a specialist in this, and 4 babies on he has looked after me and made sure everything goes as smoothly as can be. To think I have carried all of the boys and now baby girl so well, considering all of my medical issues from a baby its actually nothing short of a miracle and I feel so proud of my body for what its done. I have a hernia which at the end of pregnancy can be very painful but actually not so much this time round it’s only been the last couple of days that has been hurting me.

So my appointment went well, but baby was measuring above the line which has actually happened to all of my babies, but this is the first time they referred me to have the diabetes test. I’d heard not the best things about it but actually the test wasn’t that bad at all, due to covid you don’t have to have the drink and stay around you just have to have one blood test and your on your way so that was much better than what It used to be. He decided to book me back in for a few weeks for another scan to check her growth, but he said her head is very low down and she could possibly come early. I also had a UTI which he gave me antibiotics for. We spoke that day about what day I was going to be induced and decided on Boxing Day unless anything changed. It actually fell on Christmas Eve but I just couldn’t do that to the boys I wanted to spend as much of Christmas with them as possible. Over the next coming weeks waiting for my next appointment I did go into triage a few times for reduced movement and get some swobs done as my UTI just wants seeming to get any better even on the antibiotics.

A couple of days before my next appointment with my consultant I lost my plug, I’ve never gone through this before as I’m always induced so I had no idea what to expect so I called triage who informed me to stay at home and if I started to get tightenings then to call. The Midwife also said that if it was my plug that had gone I would most likely go into labour over the next 48 hours so not to ignore any signs as with a 4th baby things can move very quickly. That night I did have about half an hour f really bad pains but by about 11 o clock they eased off and I fell asleep. I carried on getting a few Braxton hicks pains up until my appointment but nothing that amounted to anything.

The day of my appointment I had another scan and she was measuring at 7 pounds so just above the top line, my consultant said he wasn’t too concerned about the show I had had and there was no point doing an examination to check if I was dilating because if it was happening it was happening and I would get the signs if I was.

The day after my appointment I was just feeling off and getting some pains but also could feel something down below, I knew it wasn’t babies head but was just a bit worried about what it was and I also had reduced movements again from what they normally were So I rang triage and went back in to be put on the monitor, baby heart rate was looking great but when I had an internal to check if I had started about they did see a small prolapse. I thought I was going crazy thinking what is it. I’ve never had anything like this before so its all new to me, they have assured me it shouldn’t affect birth and I f I do have any problems afterwards I all just have to go back and have it checked. The doctor checked my cervix and it was still long and closed so I definitley wasn’t going in to labour like I though I may have been and they put the pains down to Braxton hicks but didn’t rule out going into early labour as she was so low down.

I had to go back the day after this for a scan just to check baby was ok as I’d had quite a few episodes of the reduced movements. When I was at the scan he noticed some extra fluid around baby which he was slightly concerned about. He actually mentioned that with extra fluid that after due date there’s an increased chance of stillbirth so this absolutely terrified me as you can imagine so waiting to see the doctor was a scary few hours as I was just so worried. Having seen the doctor she was happy that fluid wasn’t too much and that there was nothing more they wanted to do so I had to be sent home with more antibiotics as I had a UTI again.

I have to say even though I’d been told that Baby was ok and that they weren’t worried I didn’t feel ok, the mention of stillbirth really shoock me up and just made my mind go to places I didn’t want them to go to. That was the weekend I went a little quiet on my phone as I just needed some head space and to concentrate on how I was feeling. On the Tuesday this week I woke up and I just didn’t feel right again with my movements, so I went back to triage, I was put on the monitor but baby Girls heart rate just kept shooting to 195 and back down to 140 then back up really high again, I’d never seen a reading like that on the monitor before so I was really scared but also so happy I’d gone, I’d even thought to myself it will be fine I don’t need to go again but my midwife I saw last week said you can go 20 times but that one time you think everything will be fine it could be the one time its nit so its always so important to go. After 3 times on the monitor they were happy with her base line and let me go home with no further appointments.

I decided to call my consultant on the Wednesday and after speaking to him he made me feel a lot more reassured about everything and was going to check into the scan and heart rate readings but didn’t sound like anything he was worried about so here we are now ready to go in on boxing day at 12 midday to be induced… I really thought she’d come early and the pains I’ve been having and with everything thats gone on I was convinced shed be here by now but it looks like she may be more comfy in there than I thought….. so here’s to my last week of being pregnant, its definitley not been easy but I’m so excited to see her little face and all I want is for her to arrive safe and sound and everything will be worth it.

Hospital bags are all packed and ready for you Baby girl 🤍

How many weeks pregnant : 37 weeks 1 day

How I’m feeling : SO SO ready for Baby Girl to be here

Bump size: Very big and very low down, she has dropped so much

Maternity clothes : I have stopped buying any clothes now I’ve just lost my interest in buying for bump because I know I won’t be dressing it for much longer so just using all my ribbed dressed and comfy lounger sets I’ve bought.

Nursery Progress : Just realised it wont happen before she arrives but I did give her a section In my wardrobe so I feel a little more organised.

Baby Names : We have a few that we like but I just keep changing my mind, she’s definitely being born with no name which I’ve never done before!

Sickness: I had some nausea last week just have loosing my plug but apart from that no.

Skin: Skin is still so clear and I’m so happy I’ve looked after it so well this time around.

Cravings: ICE… all I want to do is eat ice its actually getting a bit nuts now.

aches or pains: lots of Braxton hicks, shooting pains when I walk and just very uncomfortable

Sleeping : What is sleep again?

Missing anything: Being able to do things easily and not feel so tired all the time.

Baby Clothes: Let’s just say I don’t think she’s going to be short of clothes.

Life : Life is all on with the boys and to be honest trying to nest and make the house perfect with 3 boys is prooving impossible!! But I’m happy the boys have broken up today so we can not have to worry about school runs and can just relax for Christmas.

Lots of Love



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