A fresh Start


Whats that saying…….. When somebody knocks you down get straight back up as they only win if you stay down. Well thats what I’m going to do…

Welcome to my fresh new blog Amour Grace, my second take on a blog. I guess it’s like my second book as my first one ended. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that some idiot hacked my blog. It was all really weird but basically I lost all the work I’d written over the last three years. Yes I was devastated in the beginning and could have let it take over my head, but I just thought, why not see this as a positive, a fresh start.

This new blog will consists of a Mummy’s life, the highs the lows, favourite beauty products, fashion tips that I’ve somehow thrown together and also my home decor journey. Just the daily caffeine filled day bringing up two boys and a husband.

I hope you like the new blog and I look forward to bringing you new content.

“Don’t let the haters win”







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