Kicking off day 2 of blogmas by introducing you to ( if you don’t know about them already you should!) the With love Range from, The Little Green Sheep.

I was lucky enough to be gifted the With love range and I can honestly say it’s the most beautiful collection of baby products I’ve ever owned. I’ve always Struggled finding baby products that I love and fit in with my style, but the With Love Range completely fits in with my home and I love every single item so much.

They have become part of our every day life and even when I’m out of the house I will always have something from the Range with me. I just love the quality and the feel of everything.

The most beautiful product of the Range in my opinion is the Natural knitted Moses basket & mattress. Georgie absolutely loves being in it and sleeps so well in there. It comes with the stand and a soft mattress.

Another firm favourite of the Range is the Organic knitted fleece baby blanket. It’s such a gorgeous size and all the boys love lying underneath it. It has the softess fleece on the underneath, perfect for getting all the snuggly feels.

This is probably the perfect baby blanket that every one should have when they have a baby. You know those hospital blankets you have in hospital that are always so soft and stretchy, well this Organic Knitted cellular baby blanket is like those, but much better! If your having a baby you have to treat yourself to this, or if you know someone that is it the blanket would be the perfect baby shower gift. Georgie lives with it on him must of the time, wether he’s in his co sleeper, Natural knitted Moses basket or bouncer he’s probably got this on.

This time around I have loved dressing Georgie in knitted clothes so when I received these Organic knitted baby rompers I was a little bit over excited. He’s still a little too small for them yet as he’s just so tiny but I can’t wait to put him in them! They come in three stunning colours linen, dove grey and midnight. 

Lastly but very not least, The Little Green Sheep are doing these stunning gift boxes. You can purchase what you like from the range and gave it all wrapped up in these beautiful gift boxes. No need to even wrap them as they look so pretty under the tree. So if your still thinking of a gift for someone this Christmas or even yourself, I don’t think you’ll be short of something beautiful to find from this stunning range.

Click HERE to shop the collection.

Have a lovely Evening everyone.




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