Georgie Beau’s Birth Story

Our boys Birth story

On the 25th of September our beautiful  little boy Georgie came into the world. It definitely wasn’t an easy one so I think thats why I’ve hesitated writing this post. He is two months old tomorrow and only now do I feel ready to write it. So here goes!

On Thursday the 20th of September we went to the hospital at 4pm as I was booked in to be induced. I have a condition that means I don’t have any muscle over the wall of my stomach so when I get late on in pregnancy everything can’t really move as much so I’m always induced early.

We arrived at the hospital and were asked to sit in the reception area. We were told that everything was very busy so we could expect to wait a bit, but my god did I underestimate that.

We were finally given a bed at 7pm that night and it was weirdly the exact same room I had to be induced with Charlie! The midwife put the monitors on and little man was checked for an hour to see if he was ok. He was very excitable in there so I had to be on it for ages as they could get a proper reading. Finally we came off the monitor and I was given the first gel at half past 10 at night. When I had the boys it was in a tablet form but they have changed to a little gel now. It didn’t hurt at all it was just more uncomfortable. Tom and I got some food and watched the iPad for a little bit. We also face timed the boys to show them were I was and tell them what was going on. Its so hard explaining to little ones why the babys not here yet, we just kept getting asked ‘is he out yet!’ .


I woke at 3.30am with really intense contractions, so the midwife gave me some pain relief in tablet form, that helped for a couple of hours.

I was then assessed at 4.30am, and was 1-2cm dilated but my cervix was still quite far back. The midwife didn’t want to give me another gel as I was in too much pain and it looked like the first gel had worked enough.  I carried on having contractions through the night so at around 5 in the morning I decided to have a bath. It definitley  helped ease the pain slightly but wow the pain was really bad. I didn’t realise but I was in the bath for about an hour an a half. I got back in bed and tried to get a bit of sleep.

At 11.30 I was examined again to see if I’d dilated anymore and I’d managed to get to 2-3cm. I was so happy that I’d done it in that amount of time and that I’d only needed one gel. The midwife said that she could have happily broke my waters at that point so they put me on ‘the list’ to go to the labour ward and have my waters broken. At that moment I didn’t realise how much the word ‘THE LIST’ would drive me insane! That day I was having contractions every 5 minutes and in ALOT of pain. I had some more pain relief at  around 2pm which helped a lot but now looking back I wish I hadn’t had that as it slowed down my contractions and I seemed ok to the midwifes. I think if I hadnt of had the tablets then I could have ended up going to the labour ward as a priority that night but never mind it is what it is.


Unfortunately when your ready to go to the labour ward you can’t have your own room as they are only used for induction and as I was passed that stage had to be moved to a war. I got moved at about 5pm on the Friday night and at first thought it was ok. I was one of those women that walks into a room and instantly closes the curtains. I don’t understand it when they make you keep them open so I said to the nurse I’m keeping them closed and that as that. When your in pain its the last thing you want to do is put a brave face on  and chat so I don’t  think I was being rude… hmmm maybe I was but I was in labour so who cares!

Tom and I decided to go for a walk to see if it would help get things moving more, but when we were walking around the hospital my hernia came out (something I’ve had from birth with my stomach condition) it was so painful and came out a lot more than it had ever been. We got back to the ward and the midwife called for the surgeons to come to try and push it back in with there hands, lets just say it wasn’t a nice experience! He couldn’t get it back in so had to give me pethadin to relax the muscles and luckily it went back in once I’d had that. Thankfully the hernia didn’t give me anymore problems through the rest of the birth.

On Saturday nothing happened apart from asking what felt like every five minutes about the stupid list but I didn’t even get a reply most of the time. Note to everyone… do not conceive  a baby at Christmas because September is SOOOO BUSY! So don’t be getting excited over the Christmas season just wait till February!

At 5pm on Saturday I got a sweep, I think everything was so saw by then that I had to have gas an air to do it as it hurt so much. That night we went for a walk again and I bounced on the ball for hours but nothing……

Sunday nothing happened…….

By Monday morning I was more than stressed out about how long I’d waiting for and got so upset. I’d never gone over this amount of time when pregnant and my stomach was so painful. I’d just had enough at this point and  I asked to speak with the doctor and had a slight emotional breakdown, she did try and reassure me that I was going to go down soon. I had also been asked a few times if I wanted to be transferred to a different hospital but I didn’t want to have the boys in different hospitals and also my doctor was at that hospital so I stuck to my guns. I felt like every women that came into my ward was leaving within a few hours and I was just being left there for days. I definitely think it was because I was being so nice, if you want to go down to the labour ward you have to kick up a fuss and I just don’t have that in me. Tom and my Mum were getting so frustrated too and also the boys were getting so upset at home because I hadn’t had Georgie and I wasn’t there.

On the Monday night we’d  just finished watching Strangers on the tele (worst series ever by the way) when a midwife walks through the door and says your going down to the labour ward Grace.

I have never jumped out of bed quicker and nearly skipped all the way down to the ward, I’d been so scared about that moment all the way through my pregnancy but I think as I’d waited so long I was just so excited to be going down all that fear went away.

Although I didn’t realise that things were only just getting started with the stress as we got into our labour ward.




When your induced you are put on a drip to bring on labour so you have to have a cannula in your hand. I have the worst veins in the world and the midwife really struggled to find one but eventually she put one in the crease of my left arm. I knew instantly my arm was going to swell but she kept insisting it was fine. Five minute later my arm was the size of a balloon so had to be taken out. I ended up having the anethatist finding a vein good enough after 8 attempts to find one. I still have little scares all over my hands from all the times they tried. The whole thing was just horrendous.

2 hours later I got to 4cm and had to have my waters broken, but as I’d waited for so long on the ward my cervix had gone back up so took the midwifes 3 attempts and finally broke them 30 minutes later. I can tell you I used a lot of gas an air through that!


Over the next couple of hours my contractions grew a lot. At around 5 in the morning I got an epidural as I didn’t want to get past the time of having one. I have to say this epidural out of all the boys helped the most. I still had pain but it was manageable with gas an air. I was sick a lot though as a result of everything, Tom bless him had to keep picking me up so I could be sick as I couldn’t move forward with how heavy my legs were. One leg went completely dead and the other one I could move slightly.

Over the next couple of hours everything was going ok until a doctor came in and examind  me as Georgie was getting distressed. It all happened really quickly but she said there was a bone in front of his head so I’d have to be rushed to theatre to have a c section. Tom and I both panicked so much as I was always told it was too dangerous for me to have a section as they don’t know what they could cut through. I just remember screaming you can’t you can’t I will Die! it was horrendous….I genuinely thought I was going to die it was one of the most scariest moments of my life. I felt so out of control as about ten people were looking at me saying you’ll be fine when I knew I wouldn’t have been. Thank the lord they asked a different doctor to examine me for a second opinion and it ended up being the bag for the catheter in front of his head. So all of that stressed was caused for absolutely no reason, the doctor that had said it did come in and apologise and say she was so sorry and that she didn’t mean to scare me.

I was so lucky with my midwife she was amazing, she was the same age as me and looked after me so well. I always think its crazy that you go through something so intimate with your midwife and then you never see them again!

Its all a bit hazy for the next couple of hours as I was given more epidural pain relief and I ended up falling asleep for a few hours, at around 4pm I remember my midwife tapping me on the shoulder and saying “Grace, its time to have your baby now” it was definitley one of the most serial moments ever.

I have to say when I started pushing it wasn’t that bad! My chest was really hurting every time I breathed in though which made it harder for me to push for longer but I think it took me about half an hour to push him out. That moment they pass your little baby onto your chest and you finally see what they look like is just so much emotions in one go. I cried so much and Tom was crying. It’s  just one of the most beautiful moments I think you can ever share with anyone.

Georgie Beau Mooney came into the world at 5.14pm on Tuesday the 25th of September 2018 weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces.

I cuddled him for a bit but the midwife was worried about his breathing as he hadn’t cried at all. They took him off me and put him on the little bed they have for the babies and started rubbing him. They then were trying to get my placenta out and I think she ended up pulling it out because she knew I was more preoccupied on Georgie so it was just done in a couple of minutes.

Within about ten minutes about twenty different people had spoken to me and Georgie was gone in an incubator and so was Tom. Suddenly I was left in a room with no baby and no husband, the midwife came and sat next to me and said ‘ you don’t have to be brave anymore if you don’t want to’, and I just remember bursting out crying hysterically. It was so awful. I just wanted to be with him. They kept telling me I’d had a temperature in labour so they needed to treat me for sepsis. The cannula in my hand had given up so it was so painful to put the antibiotics in, they wanted it on a drip for half an hour but I told them to do it straight away from the syringe. They kept saying it was going to hurt but there was no way I was sitting on that bed for half an hour so I just made them push it through and my god it hurt, it felt like my hand was going to explode. Once they’d put it in I sat up and made myself get off that bed, it wasn’t the best scene…. my legs weren’t working and I was still bleeding quite a lot, but I got myself on that wheel chair and made them take me to Georgie, luckily my midwife was so amazing she just took me straight to him but that hour I was away from him was the longest ever. I was wheeled into a low lit ICU room with incubators everywhere and Georgie was in the corner incubator with about ten people around him. Tom was sat beside him and we both just looked at each other and cried. I sat next to him in the incubator and his little chest was going up and down so much it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever seen. We stayed with him for about half an hour but I had to go back down to go to the ward. I was so tired, that I was just crying and crying and I couldn’t cope with it all.






We got to the ward and put all my stuff there and I told Tom to go home as it was about 10pm on the  Tuesday night and he’d been awake since the Monday morning. I asked the midwife if someone could wheel me up to see Georgie but I was told they were short staffed so to walk really slowly and I’d get there! Looking back now it was horrendous as I still couldn’t walk properly but I just wanted to be with him so walked up to ICU. Georgie’s nurse was so lovely, I sat with him till about 4 in the morning and held him for ages. Holding your baby with wires all over them is such an emotional experience but I was just so happy he was in my arms. I decided to go and get some sleep, so walked back down to the ward. I was put on a ward with Mums with babies, it was heart breaking hearing all the baby’s crying and not having my baby next to me. I was told that NICU mums are prioritised their own room but that never happened. I woke up around 7 in the morning and went back straight to see him. By Wednesday  morning he was off the C pap but still had the rest of his wires on him. He was also on a glucose drip so I couldn’t feed him as he just wasn’t hungry at all. I kept expressing into a syringe to make sure my milk was being produced.








It was Toms Birthday that day so we kept the boys off school and they came to visit their little baby brother. Seeing their little faces when they walked in and saw him was just magical. I can’t explain the love that was on their faces. After all they have lived my whole pregnancy with me and know him just as much as Tom and I. I was worried that they would get upset or freaked out about all the wires being on him but its truly amazing the way children take in situations and just deal with them so beautifully. I will always cherish that moment forever.







My lovey Mum came in then as Tom took the boys to town to go to the disney store and to watch a film. My Mum and I had a lovely afternoon with him and I got to put his first little outfit on. Normally the Mum never gets to put the first outfit on as the midwifes or the Dad does it just after the birth so it was lovely to be able to get him dressed.

That day they lowered his glucose and I managed to start feeding him, we decided that through the night I would come up to the ward every time he cried so they’d call the ward an I’d walk up and feed him. I’d sat with him for a couple of hours and then go back to the ward for some sleep.

The nurses gave me these beautiful knitted squares that Georgie could keep on him and I could keep on me and wed keep swapping them so we could have each others smell on us. They are honesty such a beautiful idea.














The next morning he came out of his incubator and got to come back to the ward with me. I finally got to sit in my bed with my beautiful boy next to me and it was just so perfect. All the midwifes were so lovely and ran in to see him and to say how happy they were for me that he was with me were he belongs.



That night we were aloud to go home to our boys and start out life as family of 5. We feel so blessed to have been given such a beautiful little boy and we all love him to the moon and back. 

















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