Georgie’s 6 month Routine / Weaning and sleeping !

Afternoon guys,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend and ate as many easter eggs as possible. Georgie had his first taste of chocolate this weekend and he made the funniest face. If he’s anything like his brothers he will be chocolate obsessed!!

I though I’d pop on and upload Georgie’s routine I’m doing at the moment. We’ve finally mastered sleeping, I mean we still have the odd bad night were he wakes a few times but for the most part he sleeps from 7 until 6/6.30, has a bottle and then sleeps until 8am. It was so tough for so long, I think for around two months I woke up with him about 6 times a night and somedays he’d wake at 5 with no hope of going back to sleep, so to say I’m happy about the sleep change is an understatement. I mean I’ll probably jynx myself now and hell stop sleeping tonight!!

I’ve done the same routine with all three boys and I really think it works. Obviously sometimes routines are hard to stick to if your out or away but I try and stick to this one as much as I can.


Georgie normally wakes up every morning around this time. I have a kettle, bottle and milk in my dress room next to his room. I go in and put his dummy in whilst I make his bottle. But don’t make any eye contact with him at this time. Once I’ve made the bottle I go back in pick him up and give him a 7oz bottle. Still with no eye contact, I’m usually half asleep with him too so it’s a lovely cuddly calm time. I then burp him and lay him back down and he usually goes back to sleep until 8am. It’s great as I get the older boys ready at around quarter to 8 so It’s one less thing for me to be stressing about in the morning. If he does wake up earlier for any reason I’ll put him in his Mamaroo and put Finding Dori on and that usually keeps him entertained.


I give Georgie his porridge at this time. Usually he has around four tablespoons of the aptamil banana porridge.

Between breakfast and lunch he normally has an hour and a half nap in his room.

11.30/12 LUNCH

Some days I give him an Ella’s kitchen pouch and a fruit pot but other days I’ll give him a 7oz bottle. It all depends on his mood really so if he’s in a really happy mood I’ll give him his food but if he’s grumpy I just don’t try with the food as he gets frustrated.


He has a 6oz bottle at this time in his nursery and he usually has another hour and half nap at this time. But sometimes he’s not tired so we either have cuddles or he plays on his mat.


Georgie has a proper dinner at this time, I sometimes make him boiled veg if I have time but if not he will have an Ella’s kitchen savoury pouch and a cow and gate fruit pot.


I know this sounds a bit mean but it’s always been my rule with all my boys and I’m pretty sure it’s they key to getting them to sleep a full night. If Georgie does fall asleep for any reason like if we’re in the car I’m usually in for a rough night. Also no more than three hours sleep in the day. If he does sleep say from 5-6 I’ll put him to bed an hour later than I would so he catches back the hour of no sleep.


I always bath him at this time as I find he gets very grumpy so it distracts him for a bit so we can get to bedtime with no sleep. I then add more water to the bath so the big boys can have one straight after him.


I give Georgie a 7oz bottle in his nursery, I sometimes start giving it to him at ten to 7 as he gets so tired but if he’s in a good mood 7 is great. I then put him in his cot, with a lullaby in his monitor until he falls asleep. He always sleeps with a muslin as he loves to hold it and it instantly calms him down.

Very rarely now he wakes up at 5 and I just walk in to put his dummy in and walk back out and he’ll go back to sleep. I always make no eye contact if I want him to back to sleep as I find he doesn’t get upset then.

Here’s a little routine screenshot I created of you did want to try the routine. I thought I’d would make it easier for you guys to remember it.


I really hope you enjoyed the blog post and if you have any questions just message me on Instagram or just write in the comments below.



Georgie’s Stokke high chair was kindly gifted to us by the PR team at Stokke. I honestly can’t recommend them enough they are the most stunning high chairs and so simple and easy to use. All the boys have them and they have made dinner one so much easier in our household!


Love Gracie xo

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

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