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Hey Guys,

I thought I would pop on today to write a blog post about the Lumi spa. I am very fortunate that I am partnered with the No1 beauty device in the world!

I just wanted to write a post talking about all the insane benefits and features of the Lumi spa if you wanted any facts and info here it is!

Ok so the Lumi spa has been voted the No1 beauty device in the world and sold 2 million in its first 2 years! Amazing right?

The device is patented so there is NO OTHER device anywhere in the world that does what the Lumi spa does. We have over 70 in house scientists constantly evaluating the latest scientific discoveries, to bring you the latest skincare.

The Lumi spa is a face cleansing device that teases out any dirt and toxins from your pores and gives your face a full massage.

The head has silver in it which does not allow any bacteria to grow which makes the Lumi so hygienic and you don’t have to worry about any bacteria being transferred anywhere as it physically cannot grow on the head.

Brush heads are commonly compared to the Lumi but there really is no comparison at all a brush head is abrasive and because of the brush head it harbours a lot of bacteria.

The device is fully waterproof and can easily be cleansed quickly under the Tap after use. The device head is very shallow which makes cleaning much easier, it allows the skin to be cleaned efficiently and washes away all dirt, toxins oils and impurities. It GENTLY lifts the dirt out from your pores and glides away, and this does not harm the pores, the movement over time will actually minimise pore size as your giving your face a workout daily!

How does it minimise pores? So it is activating your muscles, we have so many facial muscles, and it’s very important to activate them as it increases blood flow which helps produce collagen which results in a radiant glow and takes away any dead skin cells. The non abrasive head is so gentle and does no tear away or damage the skin and also allows the natural moisture to stay in.

The Lumi spa is totally unique as it uses propriatery micro pulse technology, it is totally waterproof, deep Cleanses your whole face…… there really is no other device like it!

So the Lumi comes with 3 separate heads :

Gentle : It is ideal for those with sensitive skin, together with the Activating Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, or for those with blemish prone skin in combination with the Activating Cleanser for Blemish Prone Skin.

Normal: it is suitable for most skin types. Its flexible silicone gently glides to wipe away dirt and dead skin cells. The wavy texture gives a fluid activation of the skin.

Firm: The firm silicone delivers a vigorous cleansing experience. Its firm texture makes it ideal for individuals with oily skin or those who tend to have a more resilient skin type

We also have 5 different AgeLOC cleanser that are tailored to everyone’s skin type. We have:

Normal-combination / blemish / sensitive / oily / dry

So there is a Cleanser for everyone! They are 100ml too which is handy if you are going on holiday so you can always travel with your Lumi! The Frequency of the Lumi spa when applied to the cleanser activates the ingredients which then works hand in hand to give you the deep cleanse. With its dual oxalation head this is achieved so easily but affectivly.

I can’t tell you how many skin issues the Lumi has helped cure so if you are struggling with any skin conditions the Lumi can help you out massively on cleansing and clearing your skin.

Here are the 7 skin benfits you get from the Lumi spa in just 2 minutes!!

So if this hasn’t made you want to get the Lumi spa I’m not sure what will!!

The Lumi spa really is the best beauty device in the world and will give you the most incredible glowing skin ✨

Here’s my bare skin after 2 months of using the Lumi spa everyday!

Why not treat yourself to one today as fingers don’t follow you around in real life!

Send me an email or message me on Instagram to order.

Love Gracie xo

*** Also if you are interested in selling the Lumi spa yourself please head to my JOIN MY TEAM page for more information*****


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