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Before I even found out I was having Georgie I’d fallen in love with the mamaRoo! I remember with the boys I had one of the bouncer seats and spent hours bouncing them with my foot! So I instantly thought it was the best invention ever when I first saw them.

When I found out I was having Georgie its actually one of the first products I thought that I 100% wanted to get. I knew that having three children was going to be a challenge so the idea of a product moving itself to keep baby happy just sounded like the dream.

I was kindly sent my mamaRoo by the 4moms team but if I hadn’t of collaborated I would have definitely spent my own money on it.

So would I rate the 4moms mamaRoo for the money… a nut shell I would 1 million percent recommend it. It’s has been a complete life changer and I’m not sure how I coped both times without one.

We spend a lot of time as a family in our living room, which means Georgie is most likely in it most of his day. He absolutely loves being in it and now watches the disney junior channel in it bouncing away.

I get asked a lot wether or not I’d rate it and is it worth the money and I guess you just have to gage it on your budget and what products come higher in your list of things to get but for me this was in my top three things I wanted for Georgie.

It definitely didn’t disappoint at all and I really would recommend the mamaRoo to anyone that was debating on getting one.

Key features of the mamaRoo

  • The settings are great and very simple to use.
  • my most favourite key feature of the mamaroo is that it has a downloadable app to your phone so that you can change speeds or movements when your sat on the sofa.
  • Easily adjustable seat so baby can lie flat when napping or sit up when awake.
  • The black and white toy mobile above the seat is amazing and Georgie can sit for ages just staring at them, his brothers also love spinning it around for him.
  • You can also buy a little newborn insert that sits in the seat bit so baby feels a little more secure in it. Georgie still has his in and it gives him more of a cushion. But even without it its still really comfy.
  • 5 different movements so theres always one that your baby will like.
  • has a few different sounds that it plays too, personally we don’t use them much but there great for if he really won’t settle.





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