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I still can’t believe how lovely my baby shower was. We all had the best afternoon laughing and joking and it really was such a lovely day. Being my third baby and never having a baby shower before I just thought I’d plan my own one as I don’t know

if this will be my last baby. I actually really enjoyed planning my own shower and loved making all the little details important. I arrived an hour early to set up, smashed a jo malone candle….

I know the pain, had to finish my baby bags when I got there as I run out of bags ( I only bought 5 when I had 12 people coming) baby brain at its best! When everyone arrived my Lovely Mum bought us two bottles of prosecco, so we all had a glass

to get the afternoon going…. yes I had a small glass ……you have to live a little in pregnancy right?

We all then had the yummiest afternoon tea, and chatted away, laughing and joking it really was so special. My lovely friend Kiri organised all the games for the shower and she did such a brilliant job we all laughed so much. The last game was

a baby version of the game (………..) literally the funniest game ever I think one of the question was ‘what is my husband doing?) and I had to read out all the answers the girls had given to match up with the question…… one of the girls put ‘my

best friend’ and we were are in tears with laughter. definitely a must game for any baby shower. We also played the guess the baby food which I was absolutely terrible at and even the smell of them was making me want to throw up! The girls

also wrote down their wishes for baby Mooney and little advice cards, I’m still yet to read through them all but I had a quick glance and I think I will be a blubbering mess when I read them.

It was overall just the most amazing afternoon and the whole way through I couldn’t stop thinking that I can’t believe I’m actually going to have anther baby! It definitely made it all very real!

Im lucky enough to live close buy to a beautiful hotel called Eleven Didsbury Park. I chose this venue as I loved the idea being outside and having our own place that we could all enjoy together.

We had the yummiest afternoon tea and lots of tea and coffee, the girls also ordered a few drinks and they were brilliant bringing everything too us outside. They really did make the venue look amazing and listened to all my little requests so well. I’d highly recommend this hotel to anyone.


When I decided to plan my baby shower, obviously my first port of call was pinterest. It really  is such an amazing platform for inspiration for pretty much anything in your life. I could spend hours on it!

I’ve  seen these big balloons for a while now and dreamt of having them but never really had any reason to buy any, so what better time to get some than a baby shower. When I called the balloon shop they advised me the 36 inch balloons were the ones that everyone sees on pinterest so I decided to go for three of those, panicking after I’d put the phone down that I’d  bought stupidly big ones but I was so happy with them in the end and everyone

commented how pretty they were. They definitely made the table for sure.

I also got some Red roses candles from Jo Malone, I had a wedding candle for outr wedding meal and still to this day the smell takes me straight back to that room so I decide to do the same for the baby shower. I have them lit in

my kitchen as we speak and it truly is such a lovely smell. I think its such a special touch and all the girls loved the smell too.

The lovely guys at the Venue were great helping me set up, we decide on having the napkins hanging from the tables under the beautiful china cups they have. I felt this was a more classical look rather than the usual folded up napkin everyone has. I also added my little advice card under the champagne flutes that I bought from hobby craft. I think its great having little things like this on the table straight away as everyone enjoyed filling

them in whilst drinking their glass of prosecco.

The Flowers 100% made the table but I will write a separate little paragraph down below all about my lovely flowers.



Honestly I can’t tell you how beautiful the cake was in real life and the taste was insane. I chose a naked style cake with a nude drip as I loved the simplicity of it. I found the loveliest lady on instagram and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

I had messages continuously checking to make sure everything was the way I liked it, truly such a wonderful company. The flowers were supplied by the same company as my main vase flowers and they just looked so stunning on the cake with all the little macaroons and meringues. I was very lucky to be sent a beautiful cake topper from the beautiful only store Sophia Victoria Joy, they are the sweetest shop around and have such

a stunning range of personalised gifts for pretty much anything you need. I decided on ‘oh baby’ for the words and chose the colour nude. But hey can personalise yours to anything you like and have a wide range of colours.

The cake stand is actually homemade. I found an ikea candle stand and an old cake stand plate that had broken of from its stand and glue gunned them together. It worked a treat and looked lovely on my little cake table. I found it really had to find a non expensive tall cake stand so thought this was a great idea.

If you follow me you know I am obsessed with flowers and I couldn’t be without my lovely local flower shop ‘ Flower Lounge ‘ , they really are the best flower shop in Manchester and Sian and her team are so lovely. Anything you want or need Sian will do

her best to find it for you and get it in the shop.Sian was so lovely and created me 5 bunches of beautiful flowers to go on my table and I honestly don’t think it would have looked as beautiful without them.

Sian knows me very well and knows I’m a fan of white, so created me the most stunning bouquets. I still have them in my house now and they make me smile every time I look at them. I’m actually thinking of getting these all the time for the

house too as they are just so pretty and my home smells gorgeous.I just can’t thank Sian and her team enough for making my baby shower look so stunning.

Flower Lounge Website // Flower lounge Instagram


I’d seen these lower flower rings on pinterest and thought it was a lovely idea to have one for everyone to take pictures in. I tried to buy one online but couldn’t find one anywhere so I decided to make one myself.

Here are all the things you  need to make a flower ring of your own :

Hoop – Home Bargains

String – Hobby craft

Faux flowers – Hobby craft

Glue gun – Hobby craft

I started by tying the string around the hoop and glueing the tide string to the hoop. I then started to wrap the string all the way around the hoop adding flowers and glueing them as I went.

It is a labour of love and you do have to put some time aside to make one as it did take me a while but it was definitely worth it.



I no its a little unconventional to give gifts at your own baby shower but I wanted to give something back to everyone that was coming.   I wrote a little thank you card to everyone individually and added some testers I got given from my lovely friend who works for Mugler. I also found little glass jared candles from primark to add in aswell. Everyone loved them a lot and I thought it was a nice idea to give back to everyone that had come.

I bought the gift bags from Hobby craft and the gorgeous ‘oh baby’ tags are designed by my very talented friend Kiri. Below there is a bit all about her shop and the other pretty things she made me.

One of my best friends Kiri has the most gorgeous Instagram shop that designs bunting, cake toppers, gift bag tags  and lots more. Kiri designed me my pretty ‘OH BABY’ bunting, ‘OH BABY’

gift bag tags and a little ‘WELCOME TO GRACIE’S BABY SHOWER’ sign.

It amazes me how she makes them look so beautiful and cut so perfectly. If your planning anything you really must go check Kiri’s store out. Here’s the link to Rem K designs. Be sure to go have a look.


Rem K Designs Instagram


I truly feel blessed to have all these amazing women in my life. Moving to Manchester nearly 7 years ago was tough when having a baby and not knowing anyone that had baby’s in Manchester. It was lonely and hard for a few years. I can honestly say now I can go into this next chapter of my life feeling supported by everyone in these pictures. I no longer feel like I have no one to turn to and now feel like I have such a strong bond that I could go turn to any of these amazing women for anything. We had the funniest afternoon and literally all laughed all day long. They are all nuts in their own way but that’s what I love about them all.

My lovely Mum…… We are so similar (as much as we both deny it) and think exactly the same way, even though she lives in wales I couldn’t do day to day life without her and she really is my rock.

She’s the best Nana to my boys and will be the best Nana to this new little one. Love you Mum!






I really hope you enjoyed my bay shower post. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.



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