My holiday style

Hey guys,

I honestly can’t thank you enough if you followed us on our holiday. The love I got for my holiday style was crazy absolutely crazy!!! I think this was the first holiday I actually felt good about myself…. who would have thought it would be after having three kids. I think I’ve just got to that point in life we’re I just think it’s a wasted emotion to hate your body. It gave me my boys and I’m SOOO greatful for that. I ate no carbs the week leading up to going and I lost 4 pounds. But I ate what I wanted on holiday when I wanted and That’s what a holiday should be shouldn’t it?!

We had the most amazing family holiday, but it does kind of feel good to be back and in a routine.

I didn’t really have a style as such when I was holiday shopping, I knew I wanted to get some linen type shirts as cover ups so that they went with everything. But apart from that I just bought what I liked and they all seemed to match.

I think the key is to keep to neutral colours and soft palettes and everything will match with everything.

I’ve linked everything I could find, somethings are a close match and some things I couldn’t find anything like just because they are from previous years, so I’m really sorry about that but if anything comes up that matches I will let you guys know on my Instagram.

I hope you enjoy my post 🌿

Love Gracie