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A month and a bit off from blogging and I’ve really missed writing and using my blog. I thought my birth story would be my first blog post but I’m not quite ready to sit and write it yet so I thought I’d start off with my postpartum style. I’ve included things I’ve worn from leaving hospital and lived in since having baby Georgie. I hope you enjoy the post!

I have lived in vests underneath all my clothes as its so easy to feed Georgie with them on. I haven’t bought all nursing ones, I have a few basic vests and they work great. Ive also found that scarves are brilliant for feeding in public. It took me a lot to even feed in public as I was terrified someone would say something so when I do I make sure baby is covered and scarves are brilliant. I find muslins are too thin and fall off easier. Im not saying you should cover up at all but I personally prefer to do that. Heres all my favourite breastfeeding friendly things that will just make everything a little easier.

loungewear set

That first week of coming home from hospital, apart from being in my nightie in the house if i went out I lived in leggings. I did wear maternity ones mostly as my tummy was still very saw for a while but leggings were my life savour. I gradually started to wear joggers when my tummy went down a bit with a jumper and felt great. Heres some of my favourites:

Personally I think knitwear is a necessity after you’ve had a baby.Knitwear is great for hiding any bits you don’t want to show and also you always feel cozy when your wearing a lovely jumper. Here are some of my favourites:

I started wearing jeans about three weeks after having Georgie but I still can’t fit into any I had before so I have bought two pairs in a size up to what I normal wear. I bought stretchy skinny jeans so they are comfier on the tummy and the second pair I bought are a mom style jean so nice and baggy. Here are the two jeans I bought and have lived in them the past two weeks.

An autumnal coat is perfect for pulling an outfit together, so a simple pair of joggers, white tee and a coat would make such a lovely comfy outfit for your first outing out or the school run. Here are a few of my favourites:



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