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I thought I would write a little post today about the importance of skincare throughout pregnancy. So many people talk about the pregnancy glow, and yes some peoples skin can look radiant throughout, but in most peoples reality skincare during pregnancy can be a real nightmare and can really get you down! Pregnancy skin changes can be breaking out in hormonal acne to really dry patches and even melasma, which is a brown patchy discolouration of the skin, also just a little heads up if you see a pregnant lady that’s glowing lets be totally honest it’s probably just sweat.

Pregnancy hormones affect our skin in so many ways and its almost always different for each person..

Personally, through my pregnancy’s I’ve suffered from really dry patches were my makeup just doesn’t sit on my face and I feel like it literally just falls off, I also get some hormonal breakouts around my jaw line which can be sometimes painful and don’t look that pleasant. I have to say as I’ve been using such great skincare this year I haven’t had the usual dry patches I normally get.

So here are some tips and tricks I have for you guys to help you through your pregnancy and actually have a REAL glow not just sweat! Any of the products I mention in this post you can simply click on them to shop.

Dull Skin

In the first 10 to 12 weeks personally I think you should avoid any harsh products, whilst your body adjusts to this new faze its in, your hormones are all over the place and your skin is hyper sensitive. So avoid any harsh chemical peels, exfoliants, or heavy moisturisers. I would stick to light skincare and using a glowifying products and makeup to help brighten your skin.

My Recommendations :

Creamy Cleansing Lotion – This is a lovely light cleanser you can use all throughout your pregnancy. I use this to remove my makeup also.

The Lumi Spa Sensitive cleanser – I will talk in more details about this below but one of the main benefits if using the Lumi everyday is it helps promote healthy skin renewal and will really help your skin brighten and naturally glow. I would suggest using the sensitive cleanser in the first trimester too

Hydrating mask– This is such a light lovely mask to wear if your having a nice soak and its not harsh at all on the skin.

Radiance Day cream– This day cream is a total game changer it has highlighting properties in and also spf 22 and will give a great glow base to start off your day.

Moisture Restore Intense Moisturiser

Sun Sensitivity

When your pregnant your skin is extra sensitive to UV, which if not looked after can lead to lots of issues like burns, spots and even wrinkles so this is a very important one. Using products with spf in is a great way of making sure your protected.

My recommendations:

Radiance day spf 22– This I great product to apply under makeup as a base and will help make your skin glow and be protected.

Moisture Restore Day Protective Lotion spf 15– This is a lovely lotion and also moisturises you skin throughout the day swell at protect it.

Tinted moisturiser spf 22– Having a foundation that includes spf in is so important and this tinted moisturiser has a beautiful coverage and I literally wear it every day!


In my first trimester I got so many small blemishes on my jaw line and on my back it was so annoying, but it is just my hormones settling so its so important to make sure your skin is being thruguhy cleaned every day so no oil dirt or ticks are getting into your ores and aggravating your skin.

This is were the Lumi Spa comes into play amazingly, It is the no1 beauty device in the world and is designed to deep cleanse your skin using its patented micro pulse technology to grip and glide all those oil toxins and dirt out of your skin in a gentle and non abrasive way. The blemish prone cleanser would be great also if your suffering from pregnancy acne as this face cleanser is formulated with ingredients selected specifically to help you reduce the appearance of breakouts, cleanse skin and clear pores without compromising on comfort, helping you keep the appearance of skin blemishes in check, as well as our famous ageLOC ingredients to target the visible signs of skin ageing at the source.

My recommendations:

Lumi spa / blemish prone skin – use every morning and night

Epoch Blemish Treatment – For those blemishes that are saw and inflamed if you pop this one it will help them go down.

Epoch glacial marine mud mask – This mask is incredible, it draws out any impurities from the skin and will help clear you skin dramatically in one use. I also use this sometimes on a blemish and leave over night.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a normal part of pregnancy and something that I’ve learned to love over my 4 pregnancy’s. I remember with Frankie I as so devastated I got one! now I have loads but I wouldn’t have my babies without them. If you are feeling like you want to apply a lovely product to your body to help nourish your skin then using the epoch body butter will be amazing. It has a moisturising blend of botanical extracts including shea butter, macadamia nut oil and fruit pulp taken from the African baobab tree. These time-tested ethnobotanicals promote smooth, supple skin while enhancing skin resiliency.

Epoch body butter


Ok so dry patches are sooo annoying in pregnancy and something I have suffered with so much! The Lumi has saved me throughout this pregnancy and I honestly have had no dry patches at at all and my makeup sits amazing on my skin. I also use the full ageloc range and this has dramatically helped my skin in stain moisturised and looked after.

My recommendations:

Lumi spa / dry – Using the Lumi with the dry cleanser will dramatically help your skin.

angelc range – I use all these products every day and i now that they are helping my skin so much.

Thin hair / Irritated scalp

Hair is a big thing in pregnancy, we can sometimes get a really sensitive scalp which can be really uncomfortable and we can also get thin hair. I’ve been lucky in mine that I have not had thin hair but I do suffer badly from hair loss after pregnancy. So here a few products you can use that will help.

My recommendations:

Epoch Ava Puhi Moni Anti-Dandruff Shampoo- A daily botanical shampoo that cleanses hair and provides soothing relief to those suffering from a dry, flaking scalp and dandruff.

ageLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hair System– this system brings volume, strength and shine to thin, stressed or ageing hair. By promoting the appearance of voluminous, thicker and shinier hair, the ageLOC Nutriol products will leave your hair feeling stronger and looking healthier, day after day. 

I really hope you found this post useful and please if you want to get in touch with any skin queries or help please email me on or you can message me on instagram. Also if you would like me to create you a personalised link please let me know or if you are in a different county i can create one for were you are.

Lots of Love

Gracie xo


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