We’re Having a Baby Girl 🌸

This I a post I genuinely never thought I would be writing. WE ARE ACTUALLY HAVING A BABY GIRL! Honestly it still hasn’t properly sunk in that I have a baby girl in my tummy and to be honest I don’t think it will feel totally real until she is here.

If you’ve followed me for a while you will know I’m a Mama to 3 beautiful little boys, I’ts no secret that I would have loved a little girl, and I just can’t believe we’ve been given this gift. Don’t get me wrong if it had been a little boy we would have loved him more than anything that goes without saying but it kind of feels just so special that 4th time round we’ve made a little girly!

So I decided to book a private scan at 16 weeks, I was 16 weeks and 3 days when we went and it’s advised to go slightly over just to be on the safe side. If I’m honest with myself now I had a feeling it was a girl but I just couldn’t really let my thought process even go there so I kept saying to myself I’m going to be a Mummy to 4 boys and that’s just my destiny!

Tom has wanted a baby girl so much, and for the past couple of years every time he saw a little girl he would just look at me and say I just want a little girl so much but it just would never happen would it….. and here we are!

So the day we went for the scan we both just didn’t talk much in the morning and felt really nervous, when we arrived we chatted to the ladies for a little bit who were so so lovely, obviously told them we had 3 boys and that we were hoping for a girl…. they asked if we would like the lights on in the room to reveal the gender of the baby, this is something I didn’t even know they did, so said yes we would love that.

The scan started and Tom kept saying he feels like he knows what to look for with a boy now so he didn’t look at the screen, I looked a bit but I felt so nervous I didn’t know what to do with myself. All I can say is it was very tense in that room at that moment!!!

She said I’m just going to double check, which in my head I thought boy and Tom thought it could be a girl… and then the room lit up PINK!!

I can’t actually put into words the emotion that we both felt in that moment, I burst out crying, so Did Tim and he just got up and put his arms around me. I just kept my hands over my mouth and honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, I even doubted the colour pink for a second and thought maybe I was seeing things!!! The lady kept saying your both in genuine shock aren’t you 🙈🤣

Frankie had started the drive to France that morning with my Mum so we FaceTimed him and told him which was so cute, his little face, Charlie was at a friends house and when we picked him up we told him straight away and his little face was a picture, he still says every day to me ‘Mummy I still can’t believe were having a baby girl’ .

Charlie wanted to stay a bit longer so Tom, Georgie and I went for some food to celebrate and Tom bought a bottle of pink champagne, only fitting right?!

I had a tiny sip just to cheers with as that moment was too amazing not to celebrate with a cheers! I think that meal will always stay in my mind as one of the most amazing lunches we’ve ever had together. We both felt so happy and felt on cloud 9.

The day after we went out and Tom bought baby’s girl and I the most stunning baby bag, I mean just LOOK AT IT!! I can’t even cope with the amount of cute things I can finally buy it’s actually quite overwhelming now it’s real 🌸 We also bought her the mermaid teddy above as her first ever one.

As you can probably tell from this post we are over the moon with our news and we just all can’t wait to meet her, having her Daddy and 3 older brothers I don’t think she’s not going to be looked after do you? Maybe never even aloud out either!! 🤣

Thank you for reading guys

Lots of Love Gracie xo


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