We’re having our 4th baby!!

So the world finally knows! We are crazy enough to be having our 4th baby. We are so excited about it…. now it has finally sunk in.

So we found out when I was about 4 weeks as my boobs were really hurting and I just got THAT feeling! I went to get a test and thought I’m just being silly but. when the 2 lines came up I’m not going to lie I went into a state of shock!

I sat on the stairs for about an hour just staring at it in disbelief and Tom thought I was joking, let’s just say it took me a good month to really get my head around it as let’s face it 4 is a lot of babies, I also have a condition since birth and pregnancy’s aren’t the most comfortable for me so it just took me a while to believe I was about to go through pregnancy again.

It’s all sunk in now and we are very excited to meet our new addition to the Mooney household, I’m already doing the washing the cooking the bath time and bedtime what’s one more right? 🤪

We told the boys on the beach a while ago and we sat them all down and told them, Frankie was so excited and Charlie just said he wants a boy and that’s it! He’s actually changed his mind now and wants a girl.. the morning after we told them Charlie came into our room and said, ‘Mummy is there actually a baby on tour tummy?’ His little face was the cutest it melted my heart and made it a lot more real once the boys new as let’s face it it’s another little person in their lives so it will be an adjustment for them too.

Thank you so much for all the love and support we have had for baby No4 were honestly blown away, I was very apprehensive about telling anyone this time as I thought everyone would think we were crazy but everyone has been so lovely and it’s been so nice to share it with you all! I’ll make sure to do weekly updates throughout like I did with Georgie!

How many weeks pregnant : 14 weeks & 4 days

Baby size: a pear 🍐

Scan: I had a scan last Wednesday and it was the first time I’d seen baby. Very strange being in the hospital on my own and wearing a mask for my scan. But so amazing to see little baba on the screen!

How I’m feeling : I’m feeling ok, very tired all day long and headaches in the afternoon but apart from that I’ve been ok!

Bump size: suddenly massive!

Maternity clothes : so I haven’t worn any maternity clothes up until the past few weeks, I bought a great pair of maternity shorts from H&M and this week I’ve been living in stretchy midi dresses and trainers. I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of maternity jeans so will let you know when I do. Think I did a blog on this when I was pregnant with Georgie so need to look back on that, and I also got some great tips from my followers on Instagram this week too!

Stretch marks : I’ve always had 2 on my stomach every since Charlie which are getting more profound now but they honestly don’t bother me at all, it’s all part of growing a baby and they remind me what my body has gone through and just how amazing the female body really is!! I Remember with Frankie I got a little one and was so upset and o wish I could go back and tell myself how not important things like that are, loving your body and what it gives you is so important!

Baby names: I’m not even going there yet as I just need to know what’s in there first!!

What we think were having?: I mean it’s most probably going to be a little boy in there isn’t it!!! But I’m not going to lie a little girl would be pretty special, but I did this with Georgie and thought he was a girl and couldn’t imagine him a little girl now so whatever is in there we will love to the moon and back!

Vitamins : So I have been taking my Lifepack daily, every morning and night. I’m going to order some vitamin C this week to take too. I’m passed the 14 week mark now so no longer taking folic acid.

Sickness : I have luckily had no sickness in this pregnancy at all, which is a first as I had such bad sickness with all the boys, so very grateful for this!

Skin: My skin has been amazing, my skincare routine is so good at the moment that I haven’t had any breakouts and if I do I apply my Mud mask to the spot and it’s gone by the next day!

Sleeping : I haven’t been sleeping great, needing wee a lot through the night already, 4th baby I think this has started a lot earlier.

Missing anything: Not missing anything really at all yet!

Food cravings: I’m normally such a sweet person but I’ve just gone off everything sweet and wanting more savoury stuff all the time, which is not like me at all!

Moods: I haven’t really had any mood swings at all, apart from getting very tired through the day I’ve been feeling really good.

Excited about: Finding out what we are having!

Lots of Love

Gracie xo


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