So I’ve finally got my hospital bags packed….. only 4 days to go until I go in so I haven’t cut it fine or anything (rolling my eyes as I write).


Having had two little boys already I kind of know now what I need when I go in. So I thought I’d do a post this time with everything I bought. Obviously everyone has their own preferences on what they take in but by top tip is pack lightly and only what you really need. I think I took everything I owned into the hospital when I had Frank and didnt touch half of it. So if it’s your first try not to over pack as everything will get in your way and you honestly don’t need loads of baby clothes.



My most important item that’s in my hospital bag is a comfy nightie, I think I took a pyjama too and bottoms in with me for Frankie and trust me you don’t want any uncomfy bottoms on after or before you have the baby so a nice soft nightie is perfect. Make sure  you also wear anything before you go in that your taking so you know it’s comfy…you don’t want to get there and be irritated by an annoying label or itchy fabric!

For my bag (and future baby bag) I bought the Jem and Bea changing bag and it’s just so beautiful. It fits all my clothes In perfectly.I will be taking my laptop in with some films on as the wait being induced can be long so at least Tom and I can watch some films. I have taken books in before but never read them but again it’s all your preference.

Also take your own hot water bottle, the ward sometimes isn’t aloud to give you one so make sure you take your own as the heat will help your back and pains when your in.

I always take raspberry leaf tea in with me too, I also drink lots of it before going as it’s msant to soften the cervix. It’s  just a nice drink to have when your in that  doesn’t taste like hospital stuff.

Breast pads and nipple cream are really important to take as your boobs will leak a lot so it saves having to change your bra and nightie every five minutes, and the nipple cream will ease bit of the pain your boobs may feel when your breastfeeding.


The hospital do supply maternity pads but its nicer to have your own so you don’t have to keep asking.

I will take a little bit of makeup in just so I don’t look really awful when I want a nice picture of Us all. I don’t mean when I have him straight away but maybe the morning after. If you check my post I did on what I was thinking of buying fit my baby bag everything is linked on there. Click here to view.

I think I’ve got everything important in there but if you have any questions just write them below and I’ll get back to you.














When baby arrives all they really want is love and milk so try not to worry about taking too much stuff. I’m taking a few vests and baby grows. I’ve also chosen an outfit to put him him for when he’s coming home In the car seat.

Im taking lots of muslin blankets as there amazing for swaddling and helping clean up any milk.

Ive packed some nappies, wipes, dummies and a little toy to put in with him in his hospital bed. Not that they even hold a teddy but it’s cute for them to have one for their first night sleep.





Really hope you enjoyed this post and do let me know if you have any questions.






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