Why we loved our Sleepyhead Deluxe

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Hey guys,

I hope you are all well. So our little Georgie Beau is 8 months old and has out grown his gorgeous Sleepyhead deluxe. I can honestly say I have loved every minute of having a Sleepy head, it definitely became a daily necessity baby item for us. Having two little boys before Georgie and not having one of these definitely made me realise how great they really are. The Sleepy head is so light weight and can be easily be carried anywhere in the house. Every time we’ve gone away too its been a lifesaver and Georgie has slept amazing as he sleeps in it every night it was no different for him. I always found with the other two when we travelled when they were babies that they never settled in a new environment well but with the sleepyhead it was a different experience all together.

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A great thing about the sleepyheads is that you can get different covers to suit your taste of decor. When I had Frankie there was hardly anything out that was colour coordinated to your nursery or home and everything was either blue for boys or pink for girls so its lovely to have an option that suits you and your style.

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So would I say that the sleepy head was a newborn baby must have…… 100%. It has definitely been one of those products that I’ve just instantly loved and would recommend anyone using as they really are a handy baby item to have. Of corse with any baby product I would always say to do your research on that item and make sure it is right for your needs and that you know everything there is to know about that item.

It makes me sad that he has outgrown it and we are onto the next stage of his sleeping life but the past 8 months have been magical…. tiring, exhausting, mentally challenging but definitely overall they’ve been magical!

Heres some of my favourite images I’ve taken over the last 8 months of Georgie in his sleepyhead.



I really hope you enjoyed this post guys and I’ll be back soon with posts on other baby products we’ve loved.


Love Gracie xo







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